IMG_6397“I started going to Northwest probably 30 years ago. I’d still be a member if I hadn’t moved so far away. The swim team experience was great and I can’t even calculate how much time we spent at the pool just hanging out. I made so many good friends that I still keep in touch with.” -Micah Warren

“Northwest defined my summers growing up. That was my summer pretty much, and I loved every minute of it.” -Patrick Lane

“As soon as school ended, Northwest started. And vice versa at the beginning of the fall. We were there at least six days out of the week and we didn’t want it any other way. Swim team practice in the morning and then alternating between the pool and ping pong for the rest of the day. Can’t really beat that. I’m still able to get over here some times with my cousins and it’s just as great as it was as a kid. Maybe even better now because I can go in during Break!” -Chad Warren