Craft and Vendor Fair May 20th

What are you up to this weekend? You know you don’t want to go to your co-worker’s niece’s (that you’ve never even met) 5th grade graduation ceremony, but you couldn’t think on your feet at the break table and come up with an excuse, so you’re stuck. No, Joan, I’d love to see some girl I never met celebrate the huge hurdle that is 5th grade.

Now, you have a great excuse to bail and it’s something awesome and fun that you’ll want to do!

Join us May 20th (you don’t need to get your calendar; it’s this weekend. Yes, I just successfully used a semi colon) for our first-ever (I’m not a NWSC historian so it may or may not be the first one ever, but let’s just say it is…it will make it sound even better when you tell Joan!) Craft and Vendor Fair!

Admission is free and you’ll get to check out a ton of great products from companies like Lula Roe, 31, Wildtree, Origami Owl, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Premier Jewelry and many more!

There will also be Yoga demonstrations (ever tried it? It’s awesome! Quite a workout!) and some henna action will be going down.

Kickoff is at 10am and the event runs until 3pm. You’ll want to stay longer, but there are municipal laws that put a limit on the amount of fun you’re allowed to have in a day.

Bring your whole family and get crazy!

(Rain date May 21. No rain date has yet been set for the rain date nor for subsequent rain dates. Just tell Joan it’s a rain-or-shine event)

710 Kingman Ave., Vineland NJ


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